Academic Programs

At Roux, students work in specially designed studios, within a community of practicing artists and designers, where discussions between students in different years and in different subjects are promoted and encouraged. They have access to well-equipped workshops across the school and are supported by technicians and instructors highly skilled in their craft and its processes. Students practice inquiry-based learning, informed by well-developed theoretical and historical positions. We expect our students to display self-motivation and autonomy, which form the basis for originality and risk taking. We promote the absence of boundaries, as the basis for real innovation.

Academic Departments

Roux is comprised of eleven departments, from 3D Graphic Design to Video and Filmmaking. A sample of our departments and their unique focuses are summarized below. Please contact the department chair(s) for more information.


Department chair: Gerard Montague
The Animation department gives students a chance to blend the old with the new, to create unique and entertaining animated stories. From the decades old art of flipbooks, to stop motion animation and animatronics, to digital animation – students in the Animation department are provided the depth and breadth needed to succeed in today’s wildly competitive field of animation.

Fashion and Textile Design

Department chair: Lulu DeChamp
In the Fashion + Textile Design, designers focus initially basic construction techniques and trends and technologies in the fashion industry. The last half of instruction covers the completion of a complete ready-to-wear line.

Fine Art and Visual Culture

Department chair: Eliza Brethon
The Fine Art program is rooted in a strong foundation in drawing and visual composition. Students spend the first year drawing the figure, surveying and depicting landscapes, and experimenting with a variety of media such as acrylic, pastel, and oil. In the second and third years, they create a portfolio of work that culminates in a gallery exhibit at Roux North.

Graphic Design

Department chair: Henri Lee
This department specializes in product design, illustration, graphics, and marketing, with emphasis on approach and positioning. In year one and year two, students are equipped with the core ideas and skills necessary for a career in graphic design, and choose an elective module where they can employ, extend, and challenge those ideas and skills. Students study alongside working artists and designers on thesis-based projects.


Department chair: Max Banks
The Photography program is designed to teach students basic photographic skills and help them develop a creative style and visual problem-solving skills while engaging in specialized market areas and techniques.